2020 Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

The Gift is the only United States Coast Guard certified & inspected sailing vessel in Perkins Cove.

This means we comply with rigid USCG standards for safety.
We are inspected every year by the USCG.

Your safety is our first concern.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic we want you to know we value your health as well as your patronage.

We will be implementing certain safety protocols
to ensure our passengers’ health as well as ours.

  • ALL passengers will be required to wear cloth face coverings.
  • The Gift will be sanitized between each trip.
  • We are suspending access to the cabin area and restroom.
  • You may be directed where to sit in order to maintain social distancing protocols.
  • If you book online, you may be contacted by phone to complete a pre-sailing safety checklist.